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Civil work is the soul of the interior design. If the Civil Work is weak, then all interior work is fatal. Therefore we focus more on civil work to avoid any lapse. We take care about the quantity of sand to be mixed with the cement, quantity of water, quantity of cement coat, wall making, waterproofing plaster coating, flooring level, safety in the granite installation, window, door, framing kitchen platform etc.
We do offer a service of Civil Work in the Mumbai since 2006. Since during Civil work maximum dirt is created, dust and particles spread hare and there, it is most troubling to do the Civil Work, whiling residing in the home office or any other place. It is better to vacate the site before starting the work. Our skilled team is giving great importance to each work because if one fault is made in any particular work, then it affects the other and till the end, it creates troubles.
Therefore, our team is paying attention to each and every thing; how much thick shall be the plastering, what shall be the level of the flooring; for the fixing the tiles what necessary attention is to be given, proper safety in the installation of the granites, full attention in the measurement of window door, kitchen platform and framing. We are doing our work, in professional manner. We do not lack any thing, in making our work strong. We care for cleanliness of the work place during the work as well as we take care for each and every thing, which is kept in the work place.

We Provide Services:

Civil Services, Plastering Services (Wall Plastering, Ceiling Plastering, Exterior Wall Plastering, Terrace Plastering, Balcony Plastering, Waterproof Plastering etc.).
Civil / Mason Work, Wall Making, Tiling Work, Marble Work (Wall and Flooring), Ceramic Tiles, Marble Platforms, Bathroom Renovations, Granite Flooring and other Civil related tasks.

False Ceiling Works

We provide various range of False Ceilings such as, POP False Ceiling, Modular Gypsum Board False Ceiling, Armstrong False Ceiling, Wooden False Ceiling, Ply False Ceiling, PVC False Ceiling, Acrylic False Ceiling, Cement Sheet False Ceiling, Cement Planks False Ceiling, Grid False ceiling, Grid Tile False Ceiling, Metal False Ceiling, Fiber Glass False Ceiling etc.

Wall P.O.P.:

We make Wall Plastering through P.O.P. which is done in complete shape and with smooth finish. These days, Wall POP is a must plaster for walls, that is needed before the super quality wall painting to attain a superb get up.

Polish Works

We have a talented, capable and experienced team of men who can do the below mentioned job with complete finish. Wood polish, Furniture Polishing, Exterior Wood Polishing,
Marble polish, Floor Polishing Services, Granite Polishing, Kota Floor Polishing, Stone Polishing, Tile Polishing, Mould Polishing, Granite Floor Polishing.

Painting Works

Besides painting, Wall Paper is another significant element for decorating the homes and offices. The market is full of various kinds, designs and stylish Wall Papers that are nation made as well as exported ones. We offer this service with a trustworthy and reliable attitude.