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We do offer a service of Renovation work in the Mumbai since 2006. Many reasons are there for doing renovation, each having different budgets, someone does temporarily, because if full renovation is done, then requires less costing in the new building, then in the Old Building, someone is doing single work, someone doing full work, we are doing all types of work. Many times, some people are already having different types of labor with them, we do not have any trouble with them, they are doing their work and we are doing ours. We try our best that nobody should be disturbed, due to our work. If something happens we immediately sort it out. We do our work as per our own method, keeping complete safety measures. On the place where renovation is going on, we are following each rules and regulations. We are having all types of expert team with us, who are doing their work rightly, any types of renovation work, many types of materials are being used, we are trying that, by taking sample of each material at the site, give that to the client for watching, so that the time of the client is saved and there shall not of trouble to him of going to shop, again and again. We do not misguide to the client and by correctly guiding about the renovation, get the work completed, we do not feel good, to do loss of anyone, for our little profit, for this, our target is that, the money shall not be wasted and in less time, the maximum work can be done and we are not stopping the work; You are at site or not, the speed and quality of our work is same. But it is fact that the speed depends upon the payment; the faster the payment is done, the work is done faster. We have skilled workers, who will finish the work within timeline in professional manner.

Renovation Service covers:

Office, Boss Cabin, Meeting Room, Pantry, Kitchen, Reception, Lobby, Waiting Room, Toilet, Bathroom, Loft, Passage, Roof, Wall, Floor, Window Extension, Balcony, Door, Furniture, Plumbing, Partition, Living Room, Master Bedroom, Bedroom, Kids’ Room, Kitchen, Study Room, MS Grill Extension and Box designing.

Office Renovation

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